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Air Conditioner Maintenance and Home Cooling Tips

air conditioner maintenance

Summer is in full swing, and with the higher temperatures comes an increased demand for air conditioning. Whether you have central air or a window unit, it’s essential to take care of your AC and ensure it’s running at peak performance. Here are some air conditioner maintenance and home cooling tips to keep you comfortable this summer.

Understand How Your AC Works 

Knowledge is power, and this is a fact. Nevertheless, most ACs have two essential parts. It contains the outdoor unit (including the condenser/compressor) and the indoor unit (including the evaporator). You can usually see the indoor unit in the central duct closer to the furnace. 

If your AC has a heat pump rather than a furnace, you should refer to your owner’s manual to find your way around it. Nevertheless, the essentials are similar. 

Fix Fins 

It would be best to fix any bent or crushed fins using a dinner knife. Remember, be gentle and do not apply a lot of pressure. Do not forget not to insert the knife more than ½ inch. 


Always clean the AC to maintain its efficiency. To do this, begin by vacuuming the fins attached with a soft-bristle brush. Do not forget the fins are fragile and can be bent or crushed easily. Many units allow their users to unscrew and list the metal box off to access them easily. Before doing this, always consult your user manual for directions. 

Once in a while, consider deep cleaning with a soft brush. You can achieve this by using a plastic bristle brush and foam cleanser. 

Maintaining The AC Pad 

The concrete pads under the heat exchanger and home AC will settle with time. The concrete pad will slightly bend to one side or its level capabilities when this happens.

NOTE: as long as you don’t stain the unit copper and electrical lines and the unit stays dry and level, everything will run smoothly and efficiently. If there is a water puddle around the system, you will need to take action by fixing the concrete pad. 

Invest On A Programmable Thermostat 

Programmable Thermostats- A Popular Option in the Denver ...

In today’s world, it is paramount to have a programmable thermostat. These are devices that allow you to set temperature throughout the day. As such, it lowers and increases the temperature automatically. It means you get the power to save money on utility bills and help you manage your house’s cooling and heating needs. 

Adding an In-Line Duct Booster Fan 

If you have forced-air cooling, but some rooms are hotter than the rest, you could benefit significantly from an in-line duct booster fan. It is important to note that two types of fan boosters are available. People usually mount it closer to the room you wish to cool, and they automatically switch on when the cooling system runs. However, since there are many models, you can access different and operational designs. 

Reduce Noise From The AC 

If you own a new AC model, the most noise produced comes from the compressor. That is because fans in most recent models are quiet. If you wish to reduce noise, contact your AC manufacturer to know if they can buy a sound blanket. You can also consider purchasing universal blankets for your compressor. Do not worry about installation, because it is easy. However, do not bother buying a sound blanket for old units because they will still produce noise. 

Unclog The Condensate Drain Tube 

The moment you identify a water puddle around the AC when it is running, this means that the condensate drain tube has clogged. The clogging comes from a pileup of dirt, bacteria, and slime. 

Replacing The Air Filter 

The air filter plays a vital role in the system and tops your overall health. It is wise to switch off the power from the mains to replace the air filter. 

The Size Of the Unit 

Before buying an AC, it is wise to identify the best option for you based on size, function, and other features. It is why it’s best to seek the services of a professional technician to calculate the best size for you. 

Remember, if an AC is too small for your space, it will work hard to cool your house. It will wear it quickly and struggle to meet the demands of the thermostat. If the unit is too big, it will reduce your home’s comfort level. 

Check The Insulation 

Did you know that you can improve the efficiency of your AC unit by simply replacing rotten or damaged insulation? It is an effective way to ensure your unit is running as required. 

Replace Your Old Unit 

There comes a time when one should consider replacing old units. However, do not assume that you can toss them in the trash. Some cities have rules that demand proper disposal. Speak to a professional to know how best to dispose of your old unit. 

Find Air Leaks 

One of the leading causes or factors that reduce a unit’s efficiency is air leaks. To find air leaks, shut down the AC and the furnace. Light some incense and observe the smoke. There is probably a leak in the direction the smoke is moving towards. Seal the leak to improve efficiency

Do Not Wrap Your Condenser 

After summer, it is wise to cover it using heavier plywood. That is because wrapping it with a tarp could promote rust. 

Other Home Cooling Tips 

The Benefits Of Whole House Fan 

For centuries, people have been using fans to cool their homes. You can achieve this by installing attic-mounted fans that push hot air out through the attic vent, and cooler outside air comes in through other openings such as the doors and windows. A large fan has the power to cool a house in three minutes quickly. It makes a perfect way to create a cooling breeze during the hot summer months. 

Controlling The Heat Using Windows 

Did you know that a lot of heat enters a home through the windows, especially those facing the sun? As such, to control the heat in your house, pay attention to the windows. Keep them covered with blinds and closed based on the time of the day and the direction. 

Air Conditioner Maintenance and Home Cooling Tips – Conclusion 

Having a cool house during the summer months is crucial as it promotes comfort. However, when is the best time to call the air conditioner maintenance and repair professionals? When you notice the AC is not running efficiently or needs professional maintenance service, it is time to call an expert.

Contact us today if you wish to schedule an AC maintenance appointment or look for an expert to repair your AC. At Furnace Repair Brampton, we are available 24/7.