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Average Cost of Duct Cleaning

Average Cost of Duct Cleaning

Your furnace system is made up of several structures working together to achieve a certain temperature level in your house. The ductwork of your heating and cooling system plays a crucial role in supplying and intaking air around your home. This article centers on the average cost of duct cleaning.

Even though many homeowners don’t seem to notice it, your HVAC system’s ductwork runs all over your house to make sure you get fresh and warm air, even during winter. Returning air ducts cleanse the air by filtering debris and dust particles and then transporting them to the heating system.

The air is heated before being supplied back to the rooms through the supply ductwork. In this post, we are going to check out the average cost of duct cleaning. Cleaning your ductwork filters makes sure your air is entirely copurified before you enjoy it across your rooms. Ductwork cleaning prices range from $250 to 500$ depending on the type of service you need.

Duct Cleaning Process

The ducts are like the veins and arteries of your furnace. It’s because they supply all the heated and cooled air across the rooms. Upon years of constant functioning, dirt particles and impurities accumulate at your filters, thus clogging the ductwork.

Dirty filters and clogged ductwork will decrease the efficiency of your heating system. It is best to clean your ductwork every four to seven years to maintain its efficiency levels. When cleaning your ductwork and vents, you should ensure all components are given an eye since it’s also a form of troubleshooting the system.

Factors Determining the Average Cost of Duct Cleaning

The ductwork cleaning price can even go above 500$ to 1000$ depending on the factors stated below:

  •  Amount of impurities in your ductwork
  •  The accessibility of your system
  •  The model type and size of your ductwork
  •  Ductwork repairs
  •  The number of contractors attending your system.

The Payment Structure

Cleaning fees and payments will most probably vary from one service cleaner to another. The cleaners will negotiate the price and come up with a final bid considering the factors outlined in the list above. We’re going to show you the pricing structures used mainly by professional cleaners.

Fees per a vent

It is whereby the cleaners will charge you to pay for each cleaned vent.

Per vent + Trip fee

Some cleaners might include the overhead trip fee in the payment on top of the costs for every vent.

Per vent + Flat fees

Some professional cleaners might charge you a package fee at first, then additional payments for each vent.

Per foot square

You will determine the service fee by the overall square feet size of your house or home.

Vent and Ductwork Cleaning Costs

Your geographical location is one factor that will matter in determining the costs you incur during furnace maintenance. The other vital factors are the size of one’s house and the number of vents that make up your ductwork. Let’s take a look at some of these factors.

Ductwork accessibility

The amount of cash you’re going to pay for this service will probably be determined by the level of commitment your system requires. If your HVAC system has complex accessibility, you’re probably going to pay a bigger fortune. If the cleaning team faces a difficult time reaching your crawl spaces and cleaning the filters, you’ll probably pay more as well.

Custom ductwork

Cleaning and maintaining a designed system of vents can be expensive compared to when one is cleaning the typical furnace ductwork. The availability of your custom part spares might be a big problem. Some designed vents give the cleaning teams a difficult service time, which will mean an extra payment.

Presence of rodents

If you’re facing a rodents problem at your home, you’ll have to maintain and clean your air conditioner more regularly.

It will help you chuck impurities and debris like rodent fur. Droppings of such substances in your furnace might trigger allergies and breathing complications as well. Therefore, tolerating rodents in your home space will increase your average cost of duct cleaning.

Benefits of Cleaning Your Ductwork

As we all know, regularly maintaining your furnace’s components ensures that it functions efficiently. Apart from improving your home’s air quality, keeping maintenance measures will bring the following benefits:

  • Reduced allergy symptoms
  • It helps get rid of any potential impurities, e.g. mould
  • Saves on energy bills
  • It’s a form of general maintenance
  • It boosts your furnace’s lifespan
  • It gets rid of odours from your surrounding.

Hiring Professionals

Professional cleaners tend to understand every aspect of the HVAC system or your furnace. A professional AC cleaner will clean your vents, air conditioner, central unit, and even your filters as well. 

The professional cleaners use special equipment and tools to maximize their efficiency when cleaning up. Below are the signs that your heating and cooling system is calling for a pro cleaner:

  •  The consistent growth of mould
  •  Recent or ongoing construction in the house
  •  Inaccessible insulated air ducts
  •  Observing debris and dirt particles floating in the air due to ductwork and filter clogging
  •  Visible rodent poop across the house

Average Cost of Duct Cleaning – Conclusion

Take your time when inspecting and troubleshooting your furnace to make sure every component is working as it should be. It will help you troubleshoot complications and maybe develop a solution if the problem is a basic one.

If you notice some cold spots in your house, this means that your furnace is facing a mechanical problem. A clogged or blocked ductwork might end up affecting the general performance of your furnace’s heater.

It might lead to improper air purification, thus limiting the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. I hope you’ve comprehended the average cost of duct cleaning, the benefits of duct cleaning, and other professional maintenance approaches you can take to increase and maintain your furnace’s efficiency.

Maintaining your furnace will not only increase its efficiency but also lengthen the durability of your heating and cooling system. Feel free to use this text as a reference and a guideline towards maximizing your cooling and heating system’s optimum potential.