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Central Air Vs Window AC

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You will be grateful for the cooling system in your house when the hot summer days come knocking, but deciding which is the best can be challenging. Fortunately, your choices are between installing window units or a central air-cooling setup. So, which of the two is the best investment? We shall answer this question by going over the pros and cons of central air vs window AC.

Central Air Conditioner


  • Efficiency and Features: Window air conditioners fall short of the fantastic benefits a central air conditioning system provides. For starters, it does not offer the same level of air filtration that is famed in the central air conditioner. It is crucial to consider this when comparing the features, especially if you have asthma or allergies.
  • Even Room Temperatures: You will find a build-up of frost on an air conditioner unit installed in the window, while other air conditioners installed on different sides of the room feel warm to the touch. Window air conditioners do not circulate air in the room as efficiently as central air conditioners. 
  • Whole-House Cooling: Window ACs only cool one room. However, central AC cools the entire house.


  • They Are Costly: Central AC systems are more expensive to install and run than the window air conditioners.
  • They Can Be Expensive To Repair: According to market prices, you can get a new window AC for the average cost of fixing an existing central air cooling system.

Window AC


  • They Are Low-Cost: You can enjoy a cooled indoor environment at a significantly cheaper when you opt for the window air conditioner than the central AC.
  • Air Condition of the Room In Use: You will not worry about energy efficiency when opting for window AC units because you can run an AC in the occupied room. That means you will operate the units as needed, thus saving energy costs.
  • Little To No Installation Cost: You will need a professional HVAC contractor to install your new central air conditioner, but you could probably install a window AC if you have the confidence and tools required.


  • Filtration: While the filtration features in window ACs are getting better, the modern models still can’t surpass what the central air conditioning systems offer. Therefore, the central AC system is a wise choice if you have asthma or allergies.
  • Hot Spots: Issues of some areas in your home feeling hot, others freezing, while others with the desired temperatures are common when you have window air cooling units instead of installing a central AC system.

Summary: Central Air Vs Window AC

All factors withstanding, homeowners that want to keep their energy costs down go for the central AC system instead of the window air conditioners. However, it is a decision that brings to the fore the price issue. Central ACs are significantly more expensive than their window-installed counterparts. It is a matter that requires you to consider the space you want to cool. Suppose your concerns are for a single room, then a window air condition unit will be the best choice. Conversely, the central AC system will be ideal if you want to cool several rooms.

Our AC professionals will be on hand to take you through the different air conditioners and help you understand why a central AC will be an economically wise investment for your home instead of installing window units in individual rooms.