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Chemical Smell from Furnace

Chemical Smell from Furnace

With the onset of colder weather, many people turn on their furnaces for the first time this year. If you’ve been smelling a chemical smell from furnace that seems unrelated to a specific odour coming from a room, there may be a simple explanation for this mysterious smell.

It would be best not to ignore smells that resemble rotten eggs, electrical fires, or chemicals coming out of your furnace. These could indicate a severe problem or even a dangerous one. Although it is normal for furnaces to emit a burning, dusty smell in winter, you must let professionals check it if it continues.

Chemical Smell

In case there is a chemical smell from the furnace, there is a problem with the furnace components. If you smell a particular chemical odour similar to formaldehyde’s, the most probable cause might be that the heat exchanger has cracked or damaged. 

This situation is hazardous, and you should be on the lookout. It is because a damaged heat exchanger can fill your place with carbon monoxide gas. It also increases the risk of fire at your home. In case the heat exchanger present in the furnace is damaged, you are required to switch off the whole system and call an HVAC technician that can inspect the damaged heat exchanger and fix it.

It would be best to install carbon monoxide detector gadgets in every room or near the furnace because the gas is colourless and odourless. This work is very tiresome, so you should be in an excellent position to schedule a call with an HVAC professional. 

Rotten Eggs Smell

If the smell is similar to that of rotten eggs, it is due to hydrogen sulphide. The bacteria generally cause it in your humidifier or air conditioner. If you can’t locate any issues with your units, the chances are that the smell originates from another source—such as sewer lines, septic system, floor drain, or water heater. These all might be probable causes of the stench.

If you smell the same smell of rotten eggs or anything else that doesn’t appear to be a natural gas odour, check your air conditioning/heating system immediately. If the source of the rotten egg smell is not found and repaired, it can result in health issues.  It is because the smell of rotten eggs contains sulphur gas.

Once you find out what is causing this smell inside your home, it can help to prevent any future issues. Just make sure you call a professional to care for problems with your heating and air conditioning systems as soon as you notice anything unusual.

Some people are even astonished about how dangerous these smells can be for their family members’ health. It would be best to concentrate on this problem without wasting time. Call an experienced HVAC technician right away if you want to solve the mystery of strange smells coming from the furnace quickly, safely, and effectively.

Burning Electrical Smell

If there is a chemical smell from furnace that resembles burning electrical, the most probable reason for this condition is insufficient lubrication. It occurs when your furnace’s blower motor or bearings fail, and it works very hard to perform its task. 

There are chances for this excessive abrasion pressure to cause damage to the blower wheel vanes of your furnace. Suppose you detect any of these conditions in your heating system. In that case, you need an HVAC technician who can inspect all of its components thoroughly, mostly on weekends because it requires more time during weekends.

It won’t be right to ignore this problem because it can also result in fire hazards and other critical issues that require comprehensive repairs.

Don’t waste too much time if you smell bad burning smells from your furnace or somewhere else, but your house appears to be the same. Schedule a call with an HVAC technician to inspect the whole system and solve the mystery of strange odours coming out of the furnace safely.

Plastic, Metal, or Rubber Smells

It’s common for new furnaces, furnaces using metal components, and furnaces with certain kinds of plastic or rubber parts to emit strange smells. The amount and duration of the smell vary. It depends on the age and condition of your furnace and its various components.

Once in a while, you’ll notice a horrible odour coming from your furnace — similar to burning plastic — when it first fires up in the season. It is caused by metal parts’ normal expansion and contraction as they heat up and cool down. If the plastic or rubber pieces appear damaged or warped after heating, replace them so they can’t cause other problems later on.

Acrid and Dusty Smell

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Your furnace will smell dusty the first time it is turned on for cold weather. Dust blows in the furnace and settles on its components during the spring and summer.

The furnace will emit a faint burning smell when it is first fired up in a while. The acrid smell of smoke is not harmful as long as there is no smoke coming from the furnace.

Furnace Preparations

There are a few things you can do throughout the summer to prepare your furnace for winter. While it’s true that most furnaces have been working all summer without problems, this is because they don’t get much use in the warmer months.

It only takes a little effort on your part before fall to ensure your furnace efficiently works when you need it most. If you’re going to be gone from home for an extended period in the fall or winter, here are the things you need to do to ensure your furnace won’t have any issues.

  • Ensure that you check the fuel pipe and make sure that you fix it if there are any holes. Also, it would be best if you replaced worn-out pipes.
  • Dust off and rinse all the air vents in the furnace to prevent furnace problems such as air contamination.
  • Before you switch on the furnace, you should first clean the combustion chamber.
  • You should check whether all the furnace belts are in position and are in good condition to function.

Chemical Smell from Furnace – Conclusion

Ensure that you do not jeopardize your home and all your savings by following the preventive measures we provided above. If you experience a chemical smell from a furnace or any other odour, always switch off the system and call an HVAC technician to sort out the issue.