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How to Install Humidifier on Furnace

how to install humidifier on furnace

Your furnace heats your space, but it can’t clean the hot air supplied into your home. You might be enjoying the warm and comfortable air flown into your house but still experience the discomfort of dirty and unclean air. The solution to such an issue is to consider how to install humidifier on furnace.

The furnace will do its usual job of heating your spaces, while the humidifier will clean the heated air of dirty particles and elements. The process of mounting a humidifier on top of a furnace is not easy, and only a qualified HVAC specialist can deliver premier results.

The following is a quick guide on fixing your new humidifier on a furnace to achieve top-notch performance, optimal efficiency and improved ventilation.

Steps on Installing a Humidifier on Your Furnace

We need to have furnaces in our homes to survive the deadly cold months, but that heat brings dry winter air. It may be tempting to purchase a freestanding or a small humidifier. However, the best way to solve this issue is to install a humidifier in your home furnace. It’s an excellent way to change your entire home’s humidity level entirely.

Here are the steps on how to install a humidifier for your home furnace.

Mark and cut the holes

The first step is to prepare the best place for the whole-house humidifier. You need to carefully mark and cut the holes where you will mount it. The process requires using the right piece of marker and template. You’ll likely find every detail about the installation instructions and templates on the humidifier’s installation manual.

Most instructions will require drilling holes at the corners and then using an aviation snip to cut the holes. You have to keep the mounting plate in place before you drill the hole. You will then have to attach the mounting plate to the screwed hole using sheet metal screws.

Marking and cutting the humidistat outline

Use the provided manufacturer’s manual to know the exact location of the humidistat. Most humidistats function to connect to the cold air return duct. Ensure you understand how suitable the humidistat should be and install it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Cut the hole out as per the instructions, and make sure to connect it to the low voltage before you mount it to the specified location using tin screws.

Setup the electrical system for the humidifier

Use the manufacturer’s instructions to link the humidistat to your furnace control system. Most humidifiers utilize 120v to 24v step-down transformer. Before connecting your humidifier to your home’s electrical system, get it properly wired.

You should first wire the humidistat before installing the transformer, as well. Don’t do the wiring or transformer installation before putting off your home’s power supply.

Pair the humidifier and the furnace

Connect the humidistat to your furnace’s solenoid valve with the provided nuts. Before you tighten the nuts, attach the wire ends and make sure you secure the nuts properly. Make sure you don’t cut the wire ends in the process.

Connect the humidifier to the waterline

Read your local water line tapping codes before you complete this process. It’s not every city or state in which you will be allowed to tap water line directly. That’s the reason you must confirm from the authorities before getting started.

Once you’re sure that directly tapping the water line won’t cause you any legal problems, you should connect the saddle valve into your water line before attaching the line to the humidifier. You can utilize the compression fitting to speed the water flow to the humidifier.

Since the installed saddle valve won’t turn off your water line, you will need to mount a bypass line to allow the creation of water vapour in your HVAC system.

What to Know When Installing the Humidifier on the Furnace

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When mounting your newly purchased humidifier on your furnace system, keep the following essential points in consideration.

Type of humidifier

First, know the type of humidifier you’re installing. There are three types of humidifiers, which are Bypass, fan-powered, and steam humidifier. Bypass humidifiers are mostly connected to your home’s air-return ducting system, while the fan-powered humidifiers don’t install to bypass ducts.

You can run the fan-powered humidifiers even when the furnace is not operating. Steam humidifiers are in your home ducting system and mostly work by generating steam from water. The steam humidifier directs the moisture to your home via the ducting system.

Humidifier size

Humidifiers come in many shapes and sizes and can effectively produce different amounts of moisture. You don’t want to install a humidifier that won’t generate the amount of steam you need in your home. You should check humidifier type and size, depending on your home size and the kind of furnace you have in place.

Method of installation

It would be best if you also decide on the preferred method of installation. It doesn’t matter what type and size of humidifier you have, as long as you get a professional to do the installation work. That would save you from costly installation mistakes and ensure you have a properly installed system.

Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Humidifier on Furnace

Mistakes are never allowed when you’re installing a humidifier. Making the wrong installation won’t only make the humidifier inefficient but also affect its overall performance. The following are mistakes you shouldn’t make when installing your humidifier on the furnace:

  • Not sizing the humidifier properly. Placing a bigger or smaller humidifier will affect overall performance and cause inefficient home humidification.
  • Installing any humidifier: Different features determine the kind of humidifier that can work effectively for your home. Installing a humidifier in a home that receives hard water is a big mistake you shouldn’t make. Also, don’t forget to check the type and size of the heating system installed in your home.
  • DIY installation: One mistake most homeowners make is to install their humidifiers by themselves. While it’s not a must you make mistakes, higher chances are that you will install the humidifier wrongly, which could affect its overall efficiency.

Install Humidifier on Furnace – Conclusion

To install a humidifier on the furnace efficiently and adequately, you will need to seek the expert services of HVAC technicians. It’s easier to make mistakes when buying a home humidifier if you haven’t sized your furnace correctly.

You are also more likely to install the wrong humidifier in the wrong way, meaning it won’t deliver your desired value. To have your humidifier installed appropriately on the furnace to work effectively, check the installation steps and avoid all the mistakes above.