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What Does an Air Conditioner Tune-Up Include

What Does an Air Conditioner Tune-Up Include

Nothing beats heading indoors and enjoying some cool and refreshing air when outdoor temperatures are soaring during hot summer weather. Made up of a variety of internal components, in addition to the outdoor and indoor units, your home’s air conditioning system is way more than just a box installed outside your house. With regular maintenance, it can continue serving you reliably for many years to come. With that in mind, you may wonder what does an air conditioner tune-up include.  

When it comes to ensuring that your HVAC system continues to operate at its optimum level for as long as possible, an AC tune-up can be essential. You may end up having to deal with uncomfortable indoor conditions and increased energy consumption if you don’t conduct routine maintenance on your system. More importantly, your AC system may end up dying sooner than expected. Internal components are forced to work harder due to reduced efficiency levels.   

Reasons For Getting Air Conditioning Tune-Ups

An accumulation of microbial growths, dirt, dust, and moisture can hinder your system’s performance. For example, debris can clog the indoor coil, leading to a loss of refrigerant and a decrease in cooling capacity. In extreme cases, the compressor could fail due to overheating. The condenser unit could also become obstructed with debris, decreasing airflow and increased energy consumption.

Some people mistakenly believe that an AC tune-up is only necessary when their system has problems. The truth is that it’s a preventative measure that they should carry out at least once a year. By having a professional technician inspect and clean your system, you can help to avoid any significant problems from developing in the future.

Your local heating and cooling service provider will carefully take the indoor and outdoor units apart to prevent any potential damage further down the line. Before putting everything back together, they will look for any signs of trouble, evaluate cooling temperatures, and extensively clean internal components.  

Compared to other serious problems requiring extensive AC repair services, booking a yearly tune-up is reasonably affordable. More importantly, you could end up preventing expensive emergency repairs in the long term, thus saving money! 

When Do You Need AC Tune-Up?

We encourage you to book a yearly AC tune-up, at the very least. It will help keep your home’s cooling system and internal components in optimum working condition. 

Spring is the best time for this annual “clean and checks” service – right before summer when cooling becomes necessary. To enhance the system’s efficiency for the rest of the year, you should schedule a second tune-up during the middle of the hot summer season. It would be best to do it if you plan on using the system extensively. Your system might start exhibiting signs of wear and tear, prompting you to schedule a maintenance check with a qualified AC expert. Some of the symptoms you should be on the lookout for include:  

  • Unexplained increases in energy consumption and associated bills
  • Significantly reduced airflow from vents. 
  • Warmer indoor temperatures as the AC struggles to keep up.
  • The Air Conditioning system is always running.
  • Indoor humidity is higher than average.

Be sure to call in a qualified HVAC expert if you are experiencing any of the above. 

What Is In A Typical AC Tune-Up Service?

It will help if you have an accurate estimate of the duration of the tune-up when scheduling the service from your local HVAC expert. A typical maintenance session should take about one hour. However, it may vary from one contractor to the next, depending on their process. If the contractor discovers a severe problem that requires more work or a replacement part that they don’t have in hand, the session may take longer. 

To know the operational state of your AC system and make a decision on whether you need adjustments or repairs, your service provider will check how it is performing when set to different modes. To properly inspect and clean the system, they will have to shut down its power supply. Standard AC tune-up services include several routine checks. It may vary from one service provider to the next. These include:  

  • Looking for refrigerant leaks, airflow and refrigerant charge status 
  • Confirming whether electrical components and connections are working correctly and configured correctly 
  • Checking to see if individual components have secure connections
  • Looking for abnormal colours or markings on the run capacitor 
  • Outdoor unit condenser inspection and cleaning
  • Inspecting the evaporator coil of the indoor unit for any blockage and, if possible, applying self-rinsing 
  • Condensate drainage system inspection and cleaning 
  • Blower components adjustment and cleaning 
  • Air filter inspection, cleaning or replacement – where necessary

A comprehensive summary of the tests conducted and checks complete, accompanied by the outcomes and recommended actions, is issued to the client by most contractors upon the completion of the tune-up service. The contractor may also conduct immediate repairs, right then and there, in some cases.  

How Much Should You Pay For Air Conditioning Maintenance Services?

The cost of HVAC system maintenance services varies from one contractor to another. While some dealers may offer essential services at a lower rate to attract more customers, others will provide a detailed service that comes with quality guarantees. As long as a reputable service provider offers the service, you can achieve the desired outcome. Moreover, you can ensure that your air conditioning system operates at its optimum level.  

Furnace Repair Brampton can provide you with a quick AC system check-up. Sign up for a yearly maintenance schedule if you are yet to have your system serviced with summer right around the corner.