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When Is It Time To Replace My Air Conditioner?

When Is It Time To Replace My Air Conditioner

When is it time to replace my air conditioner? As the winter months begin to thaw, you may want to consider the condition of your air conditioner. You need to consider if that older air conditioner will make it through another hot summer season. If not, now is the time to consider a repair or replacement. The following is the information you need to ensure that your home is comfortable for the summer months. 

How Old Is Your Air Conditioner? 

Typically, an air conditioner can cool a house on 15 to 20 years average. With this in mind, you should understand your unit’s age and decide how long of its lifespan is left. If you purchased the unit yourself, you would know how old it is. It is especially true if you keep the receipt and other documentation. 

However, if the unit was already there when you purchased the home, it may be more of a mystery to understand its age. You will find much of the information you need on the plate on the outdoor condenser. Typically, you will see the date of manufacture. 

If there is no date, you will need to take a photo of the nameplate or write down the brand, model and serial number. You can use this information online or talk to a knowledgeable HVAC professional to find a date. 

Replacement VS Repair 

When it is time to decide to replace or repair an air conditioning system, the age of the system will play a crucial role. We may understand that not all things old need to be disposed of, but an AC system that is a tad older already has a few bad marks against it. 

Many older systems use an R22 refrigerant, also known as freon. 

The Canadian government has already taken measures to phase out this dangerous substance that depletes the ozone layer. In fact, as of January 1, 2020, the country officially banned the sale of freon products. Soon, it will be illegal to use R22 products. So what exactly does this phase-out mean to you and your air conditioning unit? Additionally, you may smell a coolant odour emitting from your AC. 

If your system leaks and you will need to have it topped off, there is no way you can purchase R22. Shortly, you will be unable to run an R22 based AC unit at all. 

Waste Of Energy 

EYE ON THE ENVIRONMENT | Energy waste versus solid waste ...

You can measure AC energy in BTUs to the ratio of watt-hour of electrical consumption. In the past, SEER ratings were a minimum of 10. However, they have now been increased to a level 13 or higher. 

Having an energy-efficient unit ensures that you are lowering your carbon footprint and saving money on electric bills. If you decide to replace a unit, you may choose a ductless or central AC. Regardless, always seek out the Energy Star certification. 

Another issue is the cost of the repair on an older unit. In many cases, it is simply not worth the cost or investment to repair an older unit instead of purchasing a newer unit. In many cases, you can fix an older unit at a substantial cost, only to require more repairs soon. 

Consider how quickly those repair bills will add up over the short term as opposed to simply replacing the unit at the start of the problem. In addition, a new air conditioning unit comes with a warranty and can run without issues for several years. 

One of the final things to consider is the comfort level of your home. If you have an AC unit that is leaving your home more humid and sticky than fresh and cool, you should consider a new air conditioner model. 

How To Keep An Air Conditioner Unit Running Like New? 

Regardless of the SEER rating or age of the unit, there are several steps to ensure your system is always running at top performance. 

Changing or Cleaning Air Filters

You should do this every 30 days for standard fibreglass fitters or at least every six months for the more expensive pleated filters. 

Regularly Scheduled Tune-Ups

It is best to have an annual inspection of your cooling system. It is best to do it in the spring or fall season. 

Call For Repairs ASAP

Does your AC unit not seem to be acting right? Is it shutting off all the time or not shutting off at all? You may want to contact a repair specialist as soon as possible. Any delay could create a more severe and expensive problem. 

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