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How to Clean a Fireplace

clean a fireplace

When spring comes around, it is time to look at the fireplace. Most people will have used the fireplace all winter long, which means soot will have collected along the edges. It is crucial to tidy things up for this part of the house. But do you know how to clean a fireplace? Don’t ignore …

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Energy Recovery Ventilator

Having an efficient ventilation system can make your home more comfortable. It can also reduce allergens and air pollutants, keep the air fresher, and help maintain relative humidity while blocking too much moisture to stay inside your house. Currently, there are two whole-house ventilation systems: HRV vs ERV. The two are confirmed to have the …

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What is a Furnace Tune-Up?

What is a Furnace Tune-Up?

Yearly furnace maintenance tackles most of the underlying and potential system issues. With thorough system checkups and cleanups, the furnace can be working optimally again. So, what is a furnace tune-up? Stay tuned to uncover everything substantial on the topic. Sadly, twelve months is a period too long for a furnace to stay without getting …

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