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Are you searching for duct cleaning Brampton service? We are Brampton’s premier duct cleaning service provider!

Following is a description of our duct cleaning process.  In addition, it explains what you can expect from our air duct cleaning service. Please note that we use portable HEPA filtered vacuums.

  1. Two NADCA Certified ASCS Technicians assess your HVAC system for accessibility and cleanliness.  Infrared imaging cameras and digital cameras are part of the assessment. If cleaning is required, we will proceed to our cleaning process.
  2. Clean return/supply vents. Agitation tools and brushes push dirt/debris towards vacuum.
  3. Create as many access holes as the job necessitates.  Moreover, seal and plug all openings per NADCA standards.
  4. Thoroughly agitate any caked-on debris in your return/supply main trunk lines.
  5. Lightly vacuum all serviced areas and lay drop cloths as required.
  6. Provide proof of work.  Upon the completion of cleaning, we provide you with before and after pictures.
  7. Perform a Free inspection of your furnace blower and AC coils.  Inspection determines whether there is a buildup of dirt and debris.
  8. Run a whole house HEPA filtration system from AMAIRCARE.  The filtration system demonstrates that we leave your home cleaner than when we arrived.
  9. Take a particle reading in your home (up to .3 microns) before and after our service with MET ONE particle meter to show you how much we’ve reduced the particulate count in your home.
  10. Review everything we’ve done with pictures.  Furthermore, we offer homeowners tips and feedback to ensure you are equipped with the knowledge to maintain your HVAC system going forward correctly.