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How Often Should Ducts be Cleaned?

How often Should Ducts be Cleaned

For some of us, it has been an eternity since you last cleaned your duct system. You should be aware that HVAC systems tend to collect a lot of dust and pollutants over a period of time. Many health hazards are associated with a dirty ductwork system, that you should be keen on. How often should ducts be cleaned? We’ll find out. 

Air ducts tend to become a good spot for pollen, dirt, and dust together with the other contaminants. Since air runs throughout the system, going in and also going out, a number of the other contaminants pass through different filters.

In terms of how often should ducts be cleaned, they should be cleaned regularly and when the HVAC model is not functioning in the right manner. There can be signs to show that include different odors or rather airflow is restricted in your place. 

It can take roughly two to four years period between cleanings, but regular check-up of the HVAC system and also the ductwork is recommended at least every year. Some of the reasons as to why you should get your ducts cleaned are discussed down below.

Moving to a New Home or Residence

When you are moving to a new home, you are supposed to check the ductwork and see whether it is functioning. In case the ducts have not been cleaned or serviced for more than three years, you should be able to do so before settling in your new place. 

When constructing your new place, cleaning the air ducts is very necessary to get rid of drywall dust together with construction debris and dirt that has accumulated during construction. You should be in a good position to clean your ducts thoroughly and properly after you finish the construction project as remnants such as sawdust can infiltrate the ducts. 

In terms of how often should ducts be cleaned especially in a new home, you should consider cleaning the whole ductwork first.

Pest Infestation in the Ducts

In case your ductwork and the ducts are very dirty, this can attract crawlers and pests in the duct system, which might contaminate air being spread throughout your place with their odor and debris. 

In case you find pests or any other crawlers in your ductwork system or rather the performance of the system has gone down, you should be in a good position to offer proper cleaning services in order to eradicate vermin in the ductwork system and also prevent the pests from ruining your home.

Musty Smell or Presence of Mold

As you are well aware, mold tends to grow and flourish in damp and humid areas or rather places that are slightly out of reach that can include the air ducts, in case you find a mold, experiencing symptoms that include itchiness and coughing or rather you experience a musty smell in the duct system, proper ductwork cleaning should be done in order to avoid contamination. 

An HVAC technician or professional should be able to mend and kill the mold by proper sanitization of the affected region in order to kill the mold growth and assist to prevent any other from occurring later on.

Excess Debris and Dust

This is another reason to clean your air ducts. The pet dander, dust dead cells on the skin, and allergens can over time build up your ductwork system. The excessive debris on the system can visibly manifest in dust that is released from the air vents. 

In terms of how often should ducts be cleaned, dust can accumulate after some time hence it is mandatory that you carry out regular two-month check-ups to endure the ductwork system is functioning well. The excessive dust build-up in the ductwork system can put both you and the family or anyone in the home at risk of getting health and respiratory issues.

Allergy-like symptoms and excessive cold

Those of you that have cleaned their ducts often have a good report concerning their health status. In case your ducts have not been cleaned, they circulate the contaminated air of which can cause or trigger cold-like symptoms or allergy conditions, for all those living in that place.

Dust mites of which feed on the human debris are sometimes found on the ductwork system in the air ducts, which can cause allergic reactions or asthmatic conditions that can turn out to be a major problem that if not properly taken care of, could cause death. 

In case some of your family members have respiratory issues and problems, this increases the risk of them becoming very sick when they are exposed to contaminated air or unhealthy air. When newborns, the elderly, or children are living in that house, it is very crucial that you clean your air ducts and increase the air quality indoors.

Benefits of Cleaning your Duct System

In terms of how often should ducts be cleaned, it should be regularly or rather you can schedule cleaning every two to three years so as to prevent a lot of health and maintenance problems before they start. 

However, certain homes with children and pets with allergies must have the air ducts present in their home system professionally cleaned. The cleaning should be done more frequently as opposed to the recommended average. Some of the benefits of duct cleaning are as follows;

  • Reliable and better performance from the HVAC system.
  • The system present in your home is more reliable and energy-efficient hence this increases the life of your HVAC system
  • The risk of getting allergies or respiratory problems is highly reduced.
  • You will encounter very few repairs that are slightly more expensive hence reducing the energy bills

Less dust in the system makes it very easy for you to maintain and clean the living space in your place.

Contact HVAC Professionals

As we have already discussed above, in terms of how often should ducts be cleaned, with the required and proper instructions you can clean your air ducts by yourself. In case you cannot do this project by yourself, it is high time that you schedule a call with an HVAC technician or company that can help you in the duct cleaning services.  

In case your system needs more cleaning and also needs to be repaired or replaced, it is better that you contact an HVAC professional. Cleaning your existing ductwork system is mandatory in ensuring your family lives well and comfortably.