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How to Buy a Central Air Conditioner

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So, let us talk about how to buy a central air conditioner. There are fewer inventions in the modern world with akin superlative abilities to ease blistering summer temperatures and provide a comfortable environment in your home.


Here is what you must know when buying and installing a central air conditioning system.


It is best to consider why an air conditioner is the best solution for your needs, its end-to-end installation process, and the opportunities provided by central air conditioning (AC).


The central AC provides the home occupants with more power to regulate internal temperatures than a window unit. If you need to influence the temperature in a single room, then a window unit will suffice. However, you would incur higher costs to install several window units to serve the entire house.


Also, if you are looking for an effective way to improve air quality in all rooms of your home, go for central air conditioning. An air conditioning system has a filter, ensuring the house remains cool and the air is fresh and clean all through.


Cost of installing central heating and air conditioning

The simple answer is that it depends on various factors, and the best way to get an accurate quote is to have a site survey carried out on your home by a suitable contractor. A site survey helps determine if you will need to install new ductwork and the appropriate size of air conditioner required for your home.


Therefore, the age and size of your home, among other cooling and heating needs, often determine the overall cost of installing heating and air conditioning.


Additionally, you have to consider the running expense of the heating and air conditioning after installation. You can make it easy for your air conditioner to work effectively and minimize energy use and other bills. You may need to install new windows, improve your home’s insulation, and fill up spaces that allow cold air to get inside.


This work can be carried out before or after a site survey and will reduce the burden on your air conditioner. The site survey and the extra work may increase the total cost.

Installation of Central Air Conditioning In A Home With Functional Ductwork

It is much cheaper and less work when you have to install air conditioning in homes with adequate and efficient air ducts. Technicians’ job is to determine if your home’s ductwork is airtight and suitable enough to pass air smoothly through your home.


Next, the technicians will install a split system. A split system consists of evaporator coils kept inside a unit, typically in your home’s utility room or attic, and a large metallic box with a condenser on the outer side.


The air conditioner works: the evaporator coils contain a suitable refrigerant that gets rid of the warm air and air moisture in your home and directs the fluid to the condenser outside. Then the condenser discharges the warm air into the open. The system circulates the cool air throughout the house.


A geothermal air conditioner works in an almost similar way; only a geothermal heat pump gathers the warm air and air moisture and directs the fluid to underground pipes to discharge the heat from there. As a result, the geothermal air conditioner does not require an outdoor condenser.


Installation Of Central Air Conditioning In A Home Without Suitable Ductwork

If your house does not have functional ductwork, do not worry because other solutions are available. For instance, you can install air ducts for the conventional split system or opt for a ductless central air conditioner.


You will need a compressor, an external condenser, and several blower units inside for a ductless central air conditioning unit. The cooling process begins with the collection of warm air and occurs sequentially from one room to another. The warm air is passed through refrigerant tubes and ends up in the condenser outside.


In most cases, these systems cost more than window units and are less efficient than central air conditioners. You will need an HVAC technician to help you install ductwork or ductless AC in your house. Doing it yourself is always more challenging than hiring a professional who will do it effortlessly.


Determining The Right Size For Your Central Air Conditioning System

Once you have selected the most efficient air duct system, the following key thing is correctly sizing the central air conditioning system to install in your home. Determining the right size of central AC is best left to the experts because the size of the central air conditioning system significantly influences the overall cost.


The technicians usually conduct a Manual J calculation. The Air Conditioning Contractors of America designed the calculation to ensure the buyer acquires an air conditioning unit that will function as intended. Among other factors, this calculation determines how much energy the AC unit uses to cool air in every room based on the size of each room.


Undersizing an air conditioning system, will limit your ability to lower room temperatures to satisfactory levels despite running. On the other hand, oversizing will lead you to spend unnecessarily high money when investing in an air conditioning unit. Additionally, you will take up more space in your home and use more energy for no reason.


When shopping for the ideal air conditioning unit, use the Goldilocks rule that insists on accurate sizing and the highest return on the investment. One of the benefits of geothermal AC is its ability to perform similar load calculations while using the least energy regardless of how hot it gets externally.


The Installation Process Of Central Air Conditioning Unit And The Labour Required


Below are the most significant aspects to consider when calculating how long it will take to install central air conditioning and the installation cost:


  • The location and model of the air conditioning unit
  • Whether the house requires the ductwork to be improved, entirely replaced, or the installation of new ducts
  • The size of the air conditioning unit needed in your home


All factors considered, it would take between a few days and two or more weeks to install a new central air conditioning unit in your home.


Again, all factors considered would cost between $3,000 and $6,000 or more to install central air conditioning. After installing the air conditioning, you will start to worry about other costs when warming your home: the running costs.