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How to Choose the Best Heating System for Your Home

best heating system

When it comes to heating your home, there are many options. When in the market for the best heating system, there are many factors to consider. This decision can be confusing because each type of heating system has its advantages and disadvantages.

Wood is inexpensive but inefficient. Electric is efficient but expensive. Solar heating works best when there is a significant amount of sunshine. So, which system should you choose? An HVAC system is the best choice.

Types of Home Heating Systems

Different types of heating systems work better in different climates and homes. For instance, a house without windows will benefit from radiant heat because hot air can build up inside the room, and insulation won’t be necessary to keep it warm. On the other hand, a home with many windows will benefit from radiant heating in only certain rooms.

The next time you’re researching for your best heating system, consider how these three standard heating systems work:

Central Heating System

Hot water or steam is piped from a furnace vent to each room in a central heating system. You can power a furnace with natural gas, fuel oil, propane, electricity or solar energy. Central heating systems require a lot of ductwork and vents, which can seriously decrease the value of your home.

This system is inexpensive but not cost-effective because it fails to keep up with demand when heated rooms need additional warmth. When building a new home, the central heating system has fallen favouring less expensive alternatives such as wall heaters and ceiling radiators.

There are three main types of central heating systems:

  • Furnaces
  • Heat Pumps
  • Boilers

Direct Heating System

In a direct heating system, hot air is constantly circulated throughout the home via ducts. This system fails to heat rooms evenly because some rooms will inevitably be cooler than others, creating cold spots.

A direct heating system can make your living space feel stuffy because it also recirculates dust that collects in the ductwork. It can create health problems for asthmatics or those with allergies. This system is also costly.

The types of direct heating systems are:

  • Electric Space Heaters
  • Unvented Gas-Fired Heaters
  • Gas-Fired space heaters

Ductless Heating System

You may power a ductless heating system with electricity or propane. It’s an efficient way to warm up a room without using traditional ductwork. A remote control allows you to turn on the heat from your couch or bed, making it highly comfortable for those who are often too cold or too hot to get out of bed.

This heating system provides direct heat, so rooms don’t feel stuffy and dusty, making it perfect for homes with allergies and people with asthma. It also doesn’t require any expensive vents installed throughout your home, making it more affordable than other types of systems. However, this central heating system fails to initially heat large spaces quickly because there is no hot water piping to draw from. 

A ductless heating system comprises an indoor furnace and an outdoor compressor. It can easily cool off certain parts of your home without affecting the rest of the house. The only drawback to this system is that it may not be cost-effective in freezing climates because running too much heat for too long will raise energy bills quickly.

The types of ductless heating systems are:

  • Minisplit Heat Pumps
  • Window AC with heat
  • Portable Standing Air Conditioner with Heat

Reasons to Pick A Modern HVAC Heating System

Here are some reasons why you should choose a modern HVAC heating system for your home.


At one time, forced air heating systems were inefficient and wasted heating fuel. However, modern HVAC systems are highly efficient. Some have efficiency ratings of over 90 percent. Because the system is efficient, you would see a significant reduction in your heating costs.

Easy to use

Modern HVAC heating systems use a thermostat that is in a central location. You can adjust the temperature in your home with a standard thermostat. Many modern thermostats can be programmed so the system can make changes automatically based on your preferences. By programming the thermostat, you can further reduce heating costs.

Provides comfortable heat

Forced air heat can fill a room. Because the heat spreads evenly throughout the area, you experience a comfortable warmth without sitting under the vent. The room won’t have pockets of cold air, which can be common with other heating methods. By eliminating cold air pockets, an HVAC system allows you to be comfortable in any part of the room.

Durable equipment

A modern HVAC system is a durable appliance that can operate for a long time without major repairs and basic maintenance. Because of their durability, most HVAC manufacturers offer long warranties, which provide peace of mind. Regarding value, the long lifecycle of an HVAC system makes it a sound investment.


One thing common among heating systems is their visibility. You can see the heating apparatus in each room, whether it’s a baseboard or a woodstove. These items can affect how you can decorate a room.

With an HVAC system, the only element present in the vent. It’s hard to tell if the heating system is in the room since the vent comes in various colours and textures, which opens up possibilities for the room’s decor.

Helps Clean the Air

HVAC systems have filters that can help capture dust, pet dander and pollen and other particles present in the air. Air would pass through at least one filter before being forced into the room. Each system has a different filter which can affect the quality of the filtered air. A HEPA filter is the best type of filter for people suffering from allergies.

Best Heating System – Conclusion

This list is only a few of the benefits of an HVAC system. They are the best way to heat your home when you compare them to the other systems on the market. So, when you are looking for the best heating system for your home, your first choice should be an efficient, convenient HVAC heating system.