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Mini-Split Zones: How Many Do I Need?

Mini Split Ductless Air Conditioner in Brampton, Ontario

When you research mini-split systems, you will keep coming across the term zones. Your mini-split system can have either a single zone or multiple zones. You need to know what a zone means if you are planning the installation of mini-splits in your home. Mini-split zones are just the topic we are discussing here.

To make matters simple, we categorize mini-splits as single-zone or multi-zone.

Single Zone Mini-Splits

When you are looking at a single zone mini-split, you will find that you use just one ductless system with one outdoor unit and one indoor unit. A single-zone mini-split requires installing one system in just one room of your home. This system will then satisfy your specific heating or cooling needs for that room. As your unit is a single-zone mini-split, no other room will benefit from its temperature control regulation.

Mini-splits for Multi-zones 

Here is what you will get when you install a ductless multi-zone mini-split system. It will have a single compressor attached to several indoor air handling units. You require a minimum of two units in a multi-zone system but can even install four or five.  

How Many Zones?

You can determine the number of zones by counting the number of rooms that need to have the climate control facility. Every room will make up its zone.

A standard house will have a living room, dining room, kitchen, two bathrooms, three bedrooms, and probably a home office. If you desire to control the temperature in just the living room, office, and bedrooms, you will require a multi-zone mini-split system that has a single compressor and an air handling unit in each of these five rooms. 

Options for Installation

There will be a single compressor in this multi-zone mini-split unit installed outside, while five air handling units installed in each of these rooms. You can choose to install ceiling cassettes instead of wall units, so that they are less noticeable. You can also install units under the floor. Wall mounting and horizontal ducts are the other options.

You will do well to anticipate that the greater the number of units you have in this ductless mini-split system, the more expensive its maintenance will be. The costs of installation can also be higher. A multi-zone split system makes for the ideal solution for better temperature control of several rooms in your office or home. 

Summary: Mini-Split Zones

If you have understood the difference between ductless single-zone and multi-zone mini-split systems, you will be able to decide the best option for your business or home. Reach out to Furnace Repair Brampton once you are ready to have a mini-split system installed. The ductless units available can be single zone, or you can cool as much as 2,000 sq ft with five zones.

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