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Types of Furnaces

Types of Furnaces

For you to have a heating system in the house, you must have a furnace. We certainly have different types of furnaces which vary in size and brands. The way they work is also very different.

It is essential to know the available furnace types in the market to decide which one to buy or which one to shift to if you are not satisfied with the one you’re using momentarily. So what are the main types of furnaces that we have and how do they work? Let’s get to it.

About Furnaces

A furnace is the central part of the heating system. When you turn on the heating but put in the thermostat, you prompt the furnace to generate heat. It uses an artificial method called forced air distribution to do so. The primary source of energy for this kind of mechanism are gas, electricity, or oil.

We use them to warm our homes and offices by creating a comfortable indoor temperature during cold seasons. There are different kinds of furnaces with each one having its way of working. 

Depending on the type of source you use for your energy, it will be wise to compare the types of furnaces we have and decide which one can be the most appropriate option for your home. It might also depend on the budget you are running on.

Types of Furnaces

Furnaces are usually classified according to the type of energy source they use. Now according to that, we have four most common types of furnaces. It could be gas furnaces, electric furnaces, oil furnaces, or even propane furnaces.

Electric furnaces are the most commonly used since electricity is sufficient everywhere, and they tend to be less costly than the other types. It also has the most straightforward mechanism of heat generation and transfer. Now let’s get to understand the different types of furnaces that we have.

Electric furnace

Electric furnaces are the most commonly used furnaces and the cheapest to purchase. Almost everyone considers them as well. Their cost of running is also affordable. Now, electric furnaces have an effortless mechanism for running. 

However, based on their mechanism and size, they can be a bit costly on running compared to the others since you might need to install a couple of them to cover your whole house. Their cost is usually combined with other monthly energy bills. 

Now, the electric furnace is not challenging to install, and it is the easiest to handle. Once installed, if well used, it can last for up to ten years in good condition though you might need some routine maintenance and maybe some cleaning once in a while.

Gas furnaces

Gas furnaces are also very common. In some states, their use is higher compared to any other. Gas is quite economical on the cost of monthly heating bills. They’re becoming very efficient with time and also very popular at the same time.

Older versions have not been so efficient, but the new models are becoming so efficient and easier to handle. Now, with the gas furnaces, you will need to do a lot of maintenance routines.

However, with the developments in the new models, it is getting easier to handle and use, plus the efficiency. The use of gas for heating is continually becoming common though it is not so common in some states.

Oil furnaces

Oil furnaces are not so common, but they are very usable. They have a high-efficiency rate compared to some other types. They are specifically less efficient than the electric and gas furnaces. 

Oil furnaces are cheaper to run, and they are specifically tricky to maintain. Its use also varies with the region. People in the northeastern part of the United States usually use this. However, their cost of purchase is very high sometimes. They also last for a long time after installation.

Propane furnaces

Where gas and oil are not so commonly accessible, you might opt for propane furnaces. It is a by-product of oil and gas. It is also readily available for use at the household level. It is relatively cheap and easy to use on the furnaces. 

This type of furnace is not so common in the United States, but it is beneficial only that people opt for other types of furnaces. They have up to 90% efficiency rates.

What to Consider in Selecting the Type of Furnace to Use

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The size

The size is always the first thing to consider when purchasing a furnace. It might depend on several issues you might want to look into by yourself or call in an expert. 

You might want to consider the ceiling height, the size of your room, the number of windows, and many other factors before acquiring the appropriate size. Sometimes it is good to involve an expert entirely.

The region

We have seen some variation in the type of furnaces used in different regions. It might be due to the climate or due to the regulation of certain states. It is vital to study the type of furnace against the area you live in to see the efficiency if you install it. 

That is why gas furnaces are far much better in some areas than gas. You will determine the efficiency of each furnace by the climate of the region you live in.

Types of Furnaces – Conclusion

To have an efficient heating system, you must first make sure that you have a proper furnace. Depending on the region you come from, you might want to consider several things before finding the most appropriate and the most efficient type to use. 

Now, from the available four types of furnaces, one might be the most appropriate for your house depending on the few factors we have mentioned. For instance, electric furnaces might be better than gas furnaces in some areas, while any can be appropriate for some. 

All in all, to have a good choice, it is essential to know the available types of furnaces and how they work before deciding on which one to settle for.